Día de los Muertos

We got a short review in Sacramento News and Review!

Antoinette Rodriquez is a vibrant young artist and mother whose art is enriched by her Mexican heritage. The Day of the Dead celebrates our loved ones who have already gone where we all will someday go. The lesson of this festival is that while the prospect of death may be fearsome, the dead should not be feared, but honored.

Walter Rhoads is an artist whose art has always had a particular affinity for the autumn of the year that season when the veils between worlds the living and the dead, the seen and the unseen are thinnest. He faces the unknown with mocking humor and persistent curiosity.

Patricia Dobrosi-Pearson is an artist who in middle age is still discovering herself as she travels on her life's journey. Her art takes its inspiration from the struggle for identity faced by her children and herself.

The artists: Walter Rhoads, Antoinette Rodriquez, Patricia Dobrosi-Pearson