Antoinette Rodriquez


Born, raised and still standing in Sacramento, CA. I’m a 23 year old mother of two, a beautiful girl I named Annabell Lee and my recent addition, my son Orion. I’m also the wife of my sweetheart husband Jacob.

When I was a child I would sit at the end of my steps outside and with a smile attempt to sell rocks I painted for 10 cents each. Those were the days when I didn’t need to worry about a thing and that is also when I realized how good art made me feel inside.

Art like magic relieves me from my family curse, Bipolar disorder. No drug, alcohol of relaxation remedy can calm me down like painting does. Expressing myself using art is more than a creative outlet, it is my medicine. Art soothes my mind and sings to my soul.

Artist's Statement

The creation of art simplifies my thoughts and eradicates me from my everyday routines and gives me the feeling of serenity. I have tried many art forms but none come close to what painting makes me feel. The medium that captures me the most is mixed media because I feel it has no restrictions and has unlimited potential. The collection I most recently created is Los Muertos; in it you will find my wide rages of mediums I use to express my art.

The Los Muertos collection conveys a simple message, the day you are born is the day you begin to die. And for me this means not only should your birth be embraced and celebrated but your death should be too. My collection is a mental brace to prepare me for the worse in life, getting over the fear of death gives me the freedom to enjoy the time I do have.

In Mexico the holiday Día de los Muertos (The day of the Dead) is celebrated, in remembrance of people who have passed away and to honor the death of their loved ones. The spirit of loved ones is said to come and visit the families on October 31st and November 2nd of each year. Inspired by the holiday I chose to deal with death by celebration through my art reflecting on my own personality to rejoice the present by letting go of my fears.