Janet Bothne's work will be shown at Gallery 14, beginning June 13,  2009. Reception 6-11pm

Janet Bothne is obviously having a love affair with paint. And with light, and with color. She likens her work to visual music. One is reminded of Monet, in the way she caresses the canvas with deft touches of scumbled paint. But in Janet’s work, the sky, water and landscape have dissolved into dancing atoms, and only color is left.

In her series “Long Division,” paintings conceived as separate but related units are cut off from each other by the hard edge of the space between them, the gallery wall functioning as part of the composition. Each unit is a world apart, but each displays a kinship with the other, and, conveyed in the universal language of color, is the hope for connection that is descriptive of the human condition.

“Mixed Metaphors" 15" x 20" acrylic on canvas

“Energizing the Bass” 30" x 48" acrylic on canvas

“Into the Cool Blue” 24" x 32" acrylic on paper

“Hot & Cold”

“Cerulean Rivage”

“Simply Put”

“Diptychled Pink”

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Visit Janet's website at http://www.janetbothne.com